Free Estimates

Auto Body Solutions offers free estimates on any type of damage caused by an automobile accident. Our body shop manager Jr.Hood, a highly trained service advisor will provide you with a quick and accurate estimate of the damage to your vehicle. This is achieved by state of the art computer databases for the makes and models of most cars, as well as years of experience in the automotive industry.

How much is that going to cost to fix? How much for an estimate?
Whether your car has had a minor scrape or a collision, that’s the first thing you wonder.

At ABS estimates at our shop location are free.

  • Bring vehicle into the estimate center.
  • Upon arrival you will be greeted and asked a few basic questions about your vehicle.
  • We will then determine the type of repair (insurance pay or customer pay).
  • If you already have an estimate from your insurance company, please be sure to bring it with you.
  • An estimator will go with you to look at your vehicle.
  • Decisions such as Repair vs Replace will be discussed with you.
  • An initial estimate will be written.
  • You will be given a copy of the estimate and an approximate number of days needed for repair.
  • The repair can then be scheduled.