Auto Body Solutions is the paint division of ABS Franchise. Specializing in paint repairs such as chips, scratches, scuffs & ripped bumpers or holes in bumpers made of plastic. Before this technique was designed, the only option the consumer would have was to replace the damaged bumper. Auto Body Solutions only uses the highest quality products such as Sikkens paint and Klingspor Abrasives.

Our reputation for matching difficult colors such as pearls & candies is second to none. We have three state of the art paint booths, a primer booth and our facility is 6H compatible. We can match you paint with our state of the art camera which takes a series of pictures and creates the custom formula for your color. This is one of the reason we are rated one of the top shops in North & South Carolina for customer satisfaction.

This Ferrari GTO was built and painted by the ABS crew.

It took almost 3 years to complete but it was worth it…don’t you think! It is on the cover of The Klingspor Catalog, 2003/2004 issue.

Please click this YouTube link to see a video of this car in action!